Concrete is the best alternative to asphalt

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(Comparison of concrete pavers, asphalt, roller compacted concrete paver (RCC))

The cheapness and abundance of cement, the high cost of tar and the low quality of roads, has created this opportunity to use concrete as an alternative to asphalt.

One of the advantages of RCC pavers and concrete floors in the pavement is the ability to tolerate heavy loads and, in some ways concrete and RCC pavers have similarities (the density and the cement and water ratio).Due to the poor tolerance of asphalt to heavy loads, it seems reasonable to use RCC and concrete floor.

Because of the uniformity of appearance and color in RCC pavers and asphalt, concrete pavers are presented in a variety of geometric shapes and color variations on streets.


آسفالت بتنی

In terms of recycling and the environment, the use of oil derivations, such as tar used in asphalt, causes environmental pollution, and the main obstacle to the recycling of asphalt is non-economical aspect, and the highest efficiency in asphalt recycling is 30-40% because all materials can not be used, it was necessary to remove the tar from the old asphalt and rebuild it with new aggregates and tar. Recycling of RCC pavers is not at all affordable due to the high cost. So concrete pavers are eco-friendly.

According to the stability against atmospheric factors, asphalt is not resistant to physical pressure. It is deformed against heat, and it will be destroyed by confronting to cold and freezing season due to water absorption, penetration into the underlying layers and using salt for defrosting. Concrete pavers because of long-term durability in tropical areas is more resistant to temperature rise than asphalt and in cold areas, due to low water absorption is more resistance to probable damages and freezing cycles.

In terms of performance asphalt, concrete pavers, roller compacted concrete paver (RCC) is executed at high speed with early exploitation and ease of maintenance.

Due to the need of heavy machinery to perform as quickly as possible, roller compacted concrete (RCC) paver will cost a lot, while asphalt and concrete paver due to availability are low-cost materials.