Block machine is a system which can produce different types of block. Some of these machines that are available in the market, can produce block under specific restrictions. It means that some of these machines can’t produce stable and firm productions by using all kinds of materials and generally these are single-task machines.
Parsian Machine Sazan Tabriz is one of the largest manufacturer of block and concrete machines in the Middle East.
The production of this company are capable of producing all kinds of curbstone, paver, flower box and also block with four different materials. The act of producing curbstone with specific mix design according to world’s standards are also possible.
These machines are designed and produced according to the climatic and local conditions. In case of ordering according to the specific climate situations, engineers perform special changes on the machines.

Types of concrete block machine

Among the block machines, we can mention to KAD series (block and curbstone machines) and TPRN series (multi-functional block, curbstone, paver machines).

The KAD series are moveable machines which can produce block, curbstone and flower box except paver.

The TPRN series are stable machines with capability of producing block, curbstone, flower box and paver.

block machine