block machine history

Before concrete block machine and concrete curbstone machine become widespread, concrete molds were manually filled with concrete, and then these molds were pressed with force. Finally, concrete was removed from the molds.

Concrete productions have many disadvantages in the traditional manner: For example the poor quality of concrete products because of low compressive strength during concrete condensation, inappropriate mix proportion due to lack of equipment and mixers and concrete cracking. Concrete molds, in addition to the poor quality of the structure, were quickly destroyed due to atmospheric conditions. In the traditional way, the concrete was very simple to form, although it was impossible to produce various concrete forms.

The progress in the field of electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, has made great development in the construction industry. Among these developments, we can mention concrete block machine and concrete curbstone machine to the machinery industry. The first single-task concrete block and curbstone machines were produced in low capacity and manually and its production were only block and curbstone.

Over time, the hand-held concrete block and curbstone machines have advanced and upgraded from semi-automatic mode to automatic. Nowadays, concrete block and curbstone machines are multi-functional with the ability to produce block, curbstone, paver just by replacing the mold.

Today’s concrete block machine, curbstone machine, paver machine carry out production process in a full-automatic manner. Different types of designs and models of blocks, curbstones, pavers and flower boxes are produced only by purchasing a stationary concrete block machine.

In order to achieve to the best quality concrete productions, appropriate mix proportions are provided by the batching system and it is carefully planned according to the atmospheric conditions.