concrete flower block

Flower box

Flower box or concrete planter, according to the materials, has many applications in various areas, including residential areas, offices, commercial complexes, cafes and restaurants, airports, and other areas. Concrete boxes are made of cement and have special molds. These boxes are designed and manufactured in industrial and semi-industrial ways in various designs and they are heavier than blocks.Some of the concrete flower boxes are made of concrete because of elaborating and using the net in their chassis, they are not heavy. This is why they are more expensive than ordinary concrete boxes in terms of price. The important thing about concrete flower boxes is that, despite their high weight, they are resistant to environmental factors. The more they expose to water, the higher their durability will be.

Machinery of Parsian Machine Sazan Tabriz are capable of producing various types of concrete flower box or concrete vase for using in sloped areas with ability to plant. Suitable molds for flower boxes are produced by Parsian, in small to very large dimensions. thus the use of concrete block flower boxes are possible in all areas.


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