• flowerbox machinery

Five models of block machines, KAD Series such as KAD1500, KAD1400, KAD1300, KAD1100, and KAD1000 are all capable of producing Flower box.

Flower box can also be produced with full automatic and automatic TPRN series. Five models of multi-functional TPRN series are capable of producing flower box. The TP.RN3000, TP.RN2500, TP.RN2000, TP.RN1500, TP.RN1000 are models of TP.RN series, in addition to Flower box, produce block, curbstone, paver.

Parsian Machine Sazan Tabriz is the first knowledge base company in the machine industry. This company has been able to present full automatic and automatic machines for the production of flower box, block, curbstone, paver, to domestic and foreign markets based on modern technologies and its technical team.

Producing flower box on multifunctional machine with replacing the Mold

In the multi-functional machines of parsian, the production of flower box is possible by replacing the mold. For the production of block, curbstone and paver, the company has also been designing and installing seperate molds in various designs and dimensions.

concrete flower block