• leca block

Leca block or light weight block is a combination of fine aggregates, cement and water. In order to keep the lightness of the block, the fine grained material is removed from the concrete to produce a higher porosity than the semi-light concrete. The spatial weight of the leca block is often less than 1100 kg / m3.

The resistance of this block is at least 30 kg / cm2, and with a suitable mix proportion, the resistance of 100 kg / cm2 can be achieved. In the leca hollow block, the thickness is greater than the thickness of the cement block walls and this is one of the properties of leca to function as insulation in structures. Due to the lightness of the used concrete, it has no effect on the weight of the leca block.

Leca block is produced in three types of thermo block, green block and super sound block, which we will review each one in the following text.

Thermo block of leca or thermo block

Thermo block of leca or thermo block is produced to increase the thermal resistance of leca block. This type of block consists of three layers of fine grained concrete and two middle layers of air with suitable heat transfer coefficient to approve the requirements mentioned in the 19th chapter of the national building regulations. Having middle layer in the block increases the sound resistance, in addition to the thermal resistance.

Thermo blocks can be used in areas with severe weather conditions. The thermo block can be used in the walls adjacent to the noisy spaces.

The application of thermo block

-Insulate the walls of the building

-Approving the requirements of section 19 of the national building regulations

-Suitable for buildings in severe weather condition

Leca green block

The leca green block is used to insulate the walls of buildings with energy consumption of at least zero and nearly zero. These buildings are called green buildings in terms of energy consumption. The green block consists of eight layers of lightweight concrete and seven middle layers of air with a heat transfer coefficient of 0.45 w / m2c. The green block can be used as sound insulation for places with a particular audio system due to sound insulation level of about 54 dB.

The application of leca green blocks

– Buildings with energy consumption nearly to zero (Passive House), five star hotels, cinemas, music venues, business centers and etc.

Leca super sound block

Leca super sound block is the best sound insulation in the building. Adding insulating layer to the walls is very costly and it has executive problems, but the use of Leca super sound block in walls with a minimum weight and maximum sound insulation is more optimal.

Features of Leca super sound block

-Creates an insulating layer with light weight

-Increases the sound resistance of the wall against airborne sounds

-Increases the useful space inside the buildings due to its low width

-This method of insulation is cost effective

-This method is thermal insulation in addition to sound insulation

-It is possible to use the facility of each unit independently into the wall

-There is no need for bracing up to 6 meters

-It is easy to install panels and equipment on the wall without damaging the neighboring walls.

Application of Leca super sound block

-Walls between two adjacent residential units

-separating walls in hotels

-separating two adjacent classes in educational places

– separating adjacent spaces in the hospital

Leca Block Making Machine

The leca block machine is a system that can produce leca blocks with maintaining the features mentioned. Customers are looking for a block making machine that can produce different block types: cement blocks, pumice blocks and leca blocks. Parsian is the first and the largest producer of concrete machinery, including concrete block machine, concrete curbstone machine, paver machine in Iran, capable of producing different types of block with maintaining the features.

Parsian company with its specialist staff, is the first knowledge-based company in the automotive industry. Parsian’s machines are multifunctional and have the ability to produce all types of blocks, including leca blocks in full-automatic and semi-automatic condition.