The price list of these machines depends on different items including quality of parts and equipment used on the machine .The use of inexpensive and non-quality parts and equipment on machine is not economical despite the low price because it leads to short period life and this will be evident in production with low quality.

By comparing the price and the quality of the machine on the market, it is remarkable that the higher the quality of equipment in the concrete machines, the longer the machines’ lifetime and as a result of this, it will be cost–effective.

While we compare prices between machines, the purchased price is not a criterion, but the quality of the parts that makes profitability over time is important.

If the used items on the concrete block and curbstone machine are selected with high quality and valid brand, it will outlive for many years. Even it will be sold as a second hand in high price.

Concrete block and curbstone machine with high quality 

Parsain Machine Sazan Tabriz is one of the largest manufacturer of full-automatic and automatic concrete producer machines in the Middle East.

This company has been able to produce full-automatic and multifunctional machines with the latest technology. The parts used by this company are selected from the universal and valid brands. This company always compete with foreign competitors and exports it’s products to other countries.