Based on the system and structure of concrete block machines, after sales service is called an integral part of the purchase of these machines. So, Parsian Machine Sazan Tabriz uses the best materials available in the market, which are made in Germany and Italy. This company does not consider the after sale services just to detect the damage of the concrete block machine and the defects which occurred during production.

After sales service is summarized in the following three items:

  1. Pre-sales service is considered as guidance and consultation. It is done based on looking at the future of the customer’s target market and customer’s needs.
  2. The services during sales process are presented as guidance to customers for ordering an appropriate mould and machine.
  3. After-sales services don’t relate just to the damaged machines. Paying attention to market demands, molud manufacturing based on the needs of the market, presenting up-to-dates systems for the customer, helping in sales and marketing of the customer in target markets are part of the services which is done by Parsian company.

The subject of after sales services has a great significant. Parsian Machine Sazan Tabriz with reliance on its several expert staff members is performing the services to help customers.