Types of concrete blocks

Types of concrete blocks produced by concrete block machine

The concrete block machine or block producer machine functions as the main element. The concrete block machine is available in a variety of models.
Parsian Machine Sazan Tabriz is the first and the largest manufacturer of all types of concrete block, curbstone, paver machines.
As concrete block machine is able to produce all kinds of concrete blocks and curbstones, it will be economical. On the other hand, the ability to produce concrete pavers is an advantage; therefore, it is better to have multifunctional concrete block machine to be cost effective according to the economical aspect and the allocated area

Types of concrete block machines for the production of blocks
Concrete block machine is produced in two series by Parsian: stationary and movable series. Stationary concrete block machines are multifunctional and are presented in various full-automatic and automatic models. These machines are capable of producing all kinds of concrete block, concrete curbstone and concrete paver.
The movable concrete block machine, which moves along during producing, is capable of producing concrete blocks and concrete. These types of machines do not have the ability to produce pavers. But concrete blocks and pavers can be produced.

The concrete block is classified in terms of shape, size and the used material:
The difference in the shape of the concrete blocks:
It is possible to produce concrete blocks with ideal shapes by Parsian’s concrete block machinery and its different molds.
The difference in terms of the size of the concrete blocks:
There are no limitation about the length and width of concrete blocks which are produced by parsian. The height of the block can be up to 20 cm (standard height of block).
Difference in terms of materials of the block:
Parsian’s systems are capable of producing different kinds of block such as ceiling block, wall block, partition block in various dimensions with different materials like leca block (expanded slag), lightweight block (pumice), cement block (sand and gravel) And pumice which 18 percent of it, consist of cement.