The block, curbstone, paver machines are produced based on modern and high quality technologies by Parsian Machine Sazan Tabriz. Parsian company is the largest manufacturer of automatic – full automatic block, curbstone, paver, flowerbox machines .With reliance to it’s expert staff, Parsian can produce multifunctional, automatic and full automatic systems from basic to advance phase.

The production line of block, curbstone, paver, flower box (the ordering, installation, production process) will be done at the customer’s premises.

TPRN1000, TPRN1500, TPRN2000, TPRN2500, TPRN3000 are four- functional systems which are capable to produce block, curbstone, canivo, paver, flower box.

TPRN600 is single task machine to establish paver production line.